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Having passion has been the engine of Marianella Morrison. This outstanding Venezuelan graphic designer stands out not only for designing stationery for any type of celebration, but also for promoting personalization and materializing her creativity at unsuspected levels by intervening in products and spaces.

His motto is "it is not what you give, but how you give it" and boy does he honor it every day. For her, customization is essential. It innovated the Venezuelan market by offering personalized labels to help people identify their different products, as well as by designing a unique concept in stationery related to events, especially first communions and baptisms.

The Morrison impetus, as some call it, only a few have it. She acts with determination and doesn't rest until she gets what she wants. The level of detail in her work is surprising and it has been precisely that perfectionism that has made her stand out as a graphic designer, not only in Venezuela but in other countries like the United States.

From Caracas, with German roots, from a very young age she leaned towards art. At the age of seven he drew letters in his notebooks and diaries, which represents his beginnings in lettering, the art of drawing letters. His paintings, on the other hand, were worthy of several prizes from school competitions, organized by museums in the capital.

In addition to treasuring collections of bookmarks, cameras have been instruments that have accompanied Marianella from a very young age. At the age of 17, he received his first professional camera as a gift and has never abandoned the lens to immortalize moments.

As a graphic designer, she graduated from the Design Institute of Caracas in the year 2000. It was the best career she could choose. He did it out of vocation and conviction. In it he has invested all his imagination, his creativity and his vision. There he found the knowledge and techniques necessary to channel his artistic inclinations, as well as his innate talents.

During her studies, she created the logo that identifies her to this day and whose central element is a bee. This logo is inspired by the words Marianella's grandmother used to describe her. She said that she was just like these insects, very hard-working and organized. Believe in a work team and think that everyone is indispensable in their position. Without a doubt, Marianella leaves a mark of excellence in each person on her team. And like bees, he is someone very sweet, although he was – and still is – strong-willed.

Marianella developed her thesis around what would later become one of the most transcendental jobs of her life: being the creative director of Fresh Fish, one of the most innovative culinary businesses that modern Venezuela has had. She created the logo for this company, which has remained intact since the first store was founded in 1999. And it was right there, at the beginning of Fresh Fish, that this designer understood the power of the graphic image and he turned completely to develop it. Marianella has been the complete author of the absolute image of Fresh Fish. He understood that through photography he could communicate and transmit the brand, which is why he dedicated himself to capturing images of the dishes on the Fresh Fish menus, becoming the only photographer of the brand, as well as the visual experience until the day of today.

As a lover of fonts, her interest in artistic work has driven her to develop different techniques and methods that satisfy her creative spirit. He learned to paint with watercolor and perfected himself in lettering, great passions thanks to which he manages to focus and free himself from the workloads he might have. Even today, and at the request of his clientele, he gives lettering workshops and more and more people are interested in learning this technique.

It is that if there is something that Marianella does, it is to work and innovate, not only in her personal brand as a graphic designer, but also as creative director of Fresh Fish. In both places, he motivates and encourages those around him to be better people. Your customers are pleased; while the members of the team he leads, he makes them feel like a very important part of the business.

Disciplined like few others, Marianella is a person who is authentic and very involved with her environment. His non-negotiable values ​​are perseverance and honesty, which he inherited from his family and were reinforced in the institutions where he received his initial and secondary education, the Cristo Rey de Altamira school, in Caracas, and later at the International College of Cannes, where he studied French and various subjects related to graphic design.

He attends the National Stationery Show -NY in NYC, updating his passion for the world of typography, Lettering and stationery; where she takes courses like Parsons, Becky

Anyone who knows Marianella Morrison knows that her presence is magnetic. She sets trends not only for her design style, but also for her dress. Hearing her talk about her passions inspires. He has the gift of speech and that makes him speak fluently and with authority about everything he knows. And if there is something that she knows well, it is graphic design, personalization and Fresh Fish. Without a doubt, there is no challenge that she cannot design, there is nothing that she cannot personalize. Therein lies its success.

New York City

He attends the National Stationery Show annually, updating his passion for the world of typography, lettering and stationery. Taking internal courses in NYC: Parsons, Engraver Co., Becky Park and others.

By Maria Teresa Curcio

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